SiBob – any ideas if Focusrite will put out any driver updates or optimisations for the Forte? Although I do still have concerns that there will never be any driver updates or optimisations for it. With regards to Forte, as you mentioned, it is now discontinued, and whilst we will always help as best we can with ANY of our products through the years, as you can imagine, we can only commit to bug-fixing for a certain period past discontinuation, which is 2 years. I’ve been using the BETA drivers for about a week and to be honest Sign up for a new account in our community.

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Rock solid stability is a must and the ability to control focuxrite volume from the PC would be nice it’s very handy on the Forte as my interface is a distance from my desk.

External Beta Testing Area

Certainly report the issue to Tech Support anyway, they’ll be glad to hear of that fix working and may be able to asvise of any further beta versions of the driver available for Forte. By the way, I did post on another thread explaining the performance I’m getting out of my PC at the moment http: I ended up buying an Apogee One, which sounds just as good, and works seamlessly.


Yes I was in the Tech support team, although have moved to another part of the business around 6months ago.

Thank you for your quick answer!!! If I encounter a problem again, I’ll signal it in here. Hi Ben, Thanks for letting focusritd know.

Focusrite / Novation Beta Testing :: Releases

By the way, I dropped a note to Focusrite support to say that the anti-virus swap worked a treat. I’m trying to describe what’s been happening in a more useful way than “it just stopped working and I don’t know why” which is kinda what happened but not useful for a support tech!

It’s too bad it doesn’t work properlly. You can use it one machine as well, everything is hosted outside of the DAW. Can you help me with that? So I’m happy now.

I’ve tried the different buffer options, doesn’t change anything. Windows driver updated to version 3. I think I spent weeks getting that to work after the official one refused to work with Windows Tried it again and it ran through the track with a few pops and crackles when the choir kicked it which has always been one of the most demanding VSTs to be fair.

PilotGav Max Output Level: I’ve checked everything, reset the Forte to its default settings something I have to do on a fortnightly basis to get the damn thing to work and I’ve had it completely with the damn thing.

If you have decided that beta testing isn’t for you, the latest release versions of our software can be found at these locations:. Log in Become a member.


New Focusrite Forte Driver Available (Beta)

Once it does eventually pick it up, it attempts a firmware upgrade which fails. SiBob – any ideas if Focusrite will put out any driver updates or optimisations for the Forte?

Same sample rates and where the Forte is around 8.

I’ve been playing with this for a bit. Hello everyone, I thought I would proactively point you in the direction of our current Windows 10 compatibility stance at Focusrite. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I had performances issues. Posted May 7, Let me know if you have any questions. No Win 10 drivers, no new drivers since but I installed the Win beya drivers.

Each to their own I guess. Sign in Already have an account? Products that are not tested with new focusriite systems due to being discontinued may still work on those new OSs, but there may be bugs and issues that we’re not aware of.

Posted May 5, edited.