You win some, you lose some. I can’t speak for everything that iLogic creates nor for every one of these drives. Wayne June 20, at 8: I know I won’t trust buy iLogic again. This is real junk! Larry Wilson June 20, at 8:

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iLogic Flash Drive Malfunction? | Yahoo Answers

I tried mine on 3 different computers and it was recognized as having only 8mg of space and wouldn’t format. I have an Ilogic 1GB flash drive and just accidently ran it through the washer and dryer and it still work!!!!

Are specs still important in ? A friend gave me this memory stick, which driv hadn’t used, and I didn’t have one. Then it quit completely.

That is true, in a sense. But the one I purchased happened to, and still does, work great.


With an average of There are hardware details of the Samsung Galaxy S2 that are more impressive ilogkc the others in the same price point. Neither will my other two computers, one older, one two years old and one less than a year old.

Annie June 20, at iligic My iLogic 1 Gb flash drive took files for about 4 hours, then stopped — no files, won’t format, shows 8 Mb of space but won’t take files. Dennis June 20, at 8: Jeri June 20, at 8: And with that use established, I figured I would write a review on it.

Your email address will not be published. So glad I have other backup.

iLogic 1GB Flash Drive Review

Please let me know what you want me to do with this flash drive. You may also like What should I get a Mac book or a Phone?!?

You win some, you lose some. It sends data in short spurts, effectively slowing the transfer rate. It has a limited storage capability, but I have found great use in it when it comes to transferring files to my desktop, such as pictures I have been working on or the like.


This thing is a piece of garbage. I used twice and it stop working.

1 gig iLogic USB drive not recognized by computer – TechSpot Forums

Vicki June 20, at 8: I bought it to transfer files from work to home. Sergei June 20, at 8: I opened it up and my computer won’t even recognize. Technology Journalist Survival Kit. Nothing special, just a little gig flash drive with iLogic written in ilogiv down the side. Yes, this cheap little flash stick is a piece of work.

Many you buy are going to tell you it hasn’t passed Windows Logo testing.