Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! I will do the same at times but also really enjoy recreating the music as accurately and realistically as possible, sometimes very loudly. This is essentially a Bryston BP16 class A preamplifier that easily outclasses the Jaton preamp costing many times less. Perhaps it was the angle of the sunlight, but I noticed their deep luster every time I walked by. Jaton Corporation makes the APA Operetta, a 70Wpc class-AB stereo amplifier; the RC Operetta preamp; the Lyra line of stand-mounted speakers three models ; and the MP subwoofer — all products of high value, and likely imbued with that essential Confucian good.

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I have seen amplifiers fall apart without enough reserve power for the continuous pounding bass.

Like many above average audo, the A3 ribbon treble doesn’t jump out at you with a splashy auio. Founded in in Taiwan, Jaton ‘je,ton relocated to San Francisco in On the Enjoy the Music. In the proper configuration, the Jaton amplifier and A3 loudspeaker are a Blonde on Blonde superb combination. Except you can’t see the warm glow of its tubes. As tweaking audiophiles know, in this hobby, it is possible for the pizazz heard in the store to sound grating once the equipment is at home, but in this system, in this home, in this shoot-out, I give the Cary four Blue Notes for Enjoyment and Value for the Money; it is above average.


Compared to the Cary and the others, the Ref 5 had more muscular definition to its tone; it was more like a well-rounded super car than a little sportster.

Think affordable high end. The amplifier was given plenty of break-in time before I did any serious listening tests. The figures came out of the mist, I could see the whites of their eyes; the 3D holograph was intact.

I felt like a teenager discovering music all over again.

Sudio said “It took us a long time to find the balance of these two stages design. Where many combinations choked on this rasping guitar riff, the Operetta and A3 combo had no trouble isolating, separating and clearly articulating it from the other instruments.

Jaton Operetta 2300a Class A/B Amplifier – First Look

I think of a sere and exquisite aesthetic, a cultivated refinement that privileged not only the numinous beauty inherent in the universe, but the indwelling aufio common to all men. I double and tripled checked the price on several occasions. Then, six weeks into the review period, I pulled out a mint set of internally biwired AudioQuest Midnight 3s, terminated with bananas.

The bass is strong and tight and the room sounds as if it’s aduio stories high and relatively empty. There was no lack of resources for musicians to draw upon. Haunting lyrics combine with a mind numbing beat with lots of echo.

Whole-house or Multi-zone Audio. Jaton took nearly two years to achieve their goal and find the balance of two stage amplifications and define its circle too. The Jaton company has been around for over 25 years. I never heard the internal fan running from across the room. Read that line again! I was stunned at its level of realism and competence compared to the other pre-amplifiers in this brief shoot-out.

  AR5006EG 802.11 B G DRIVER

The vocals were quite jaotn. Cheng kept calling it a sub-woofer. Few systems can handle the power and energy of multiple acoustic instruments, all playing together in a dynamic crescendo! It easily replicates the cozy cafe or intimate studio recording session that many tweaking audiophiles seek.

The AMT moves air using a folded sheet made of polyethylene, polyester or polyimidepositioned in a high-intensity magnetic field. Even saxophones sounded wonderfully natural. The “speaks” came as many do, doubled boxed in two inches of foam with a thin Styrofoam wrap.

Jaton REAL A3 Loudspeaker German technology wrapped in Chinese clothing. Review By A. Colin Flood

An even crazier notion is that the amplifiers are in separately loadable amplifier modules. Value for the Money. I bet the huge crowd of cone lovers disagrees with me. First impression was that there are many subtle differences between pre-amplifiers.