November 4, at All i have are 25,40,60,, volt schottky diode. I eventually put the project in a box and forgot all about it. You can not place the inductor in a wrong direction. I had an electronics lab which built a Wilson mirror and a BJT voltage. November 15, at

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Entire driver assembled in case. I’ll try it again with the original mazzilli design.

But since I upped the input voltage to volts I made a few changes. After that we got around 10 minutes of runtime. Have you tried to calculate the mazzillli resonant frequencies you get with different work coils? Try switching the primary leads, since the flyback is rectified by a single diode, which makes polarity is important.

Mazzilli flyback driver mosfets keep failing – Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange

Hey Dylan I can see that you are still using a microwave oven capacitor. Hi Dylan and Mads, Thank mwzzilli for your responses. To obtain a high frequency variable duty cycle drive signal we can use the timer. For a different frequency range you can use a timer calculator or just experiment to find new capacitor and resistor values.


Flyback Transformer Drivers

YouTube have recently gave me monetisation features which enables me to make money from adverts on my videos. A high current draw with no arcs or a whining noise indicates an flybak. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: That circuit worked at about 1.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. They are easy to scavenge from old TV sets. If there are use gate resistors to improve this. January 21, at I suppose 30V the least, giving the results.

Hello Dylan Could you post a link to a schematic, it sounds like you have a short circuit in order for the current to rise that high. January 22, at August mzazilli, at Winding your own Primary I recommend winding your own primary for several reasons.

Mazzillu 20, at Salvage some MKP X2 capacitors from a pc power supply or anything else that uses them for input filtering, if you have no money to spend on these very common and cheap capacitors, your MMC is far from enough with only 1nF. The kind of arc is quite different between the 2N inverter and the Mazilli ones.

Which means, possibly polypropilene, or anything similar. Hi Jeff A car ignition coil us made with a iron core and might just saturate at the high frequency this maxzilli runs at with the usual component values.


You will only risk putting the DIY community in a bad light if you hurt someone and tighter regulations might hit us. It made a big difference, much hotter, thicker and longer arcs.

I build this circuit almost a year ago on a vero board, but mazzilll kept blowing the thin traces due to high currents flowing.

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Most of the wasted power goes into the transformer and the mosfets. Too low total gate charging cause the circuit fail? Other than things above there is no change from the orginal circuit. If you want to go crazy, some additional protection might come handy. In the end there might not be a big difference in the output from going for high voltage as you have to take your precautions to insure its safety.