A prose- cution motion asks tbe judge to al- low jurors to view autopsy photos of Ms. A X 2. Triple-plated, lacquered 1 housing. Though Sl Luke’s stands firm on its deci- sion to close the mecting-s to the public, repre- sentatives will available at two locations to answer questions and provide information. Brian Birrell , ‘ffavia Schulz One out lotcr, Ryan Flandro lifted a short pop fiy down the third base line out of reach of Minico’s Brock Crystal and Thoin, to drive. I understand Lit- tle Lost is beginning to have the same prob- lems.

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ID or FAXed The game was pins over his average.

The next Swiss will be April 23 at the Magic Bowl. Saturday at tlie range located 5 miles north of the intcrsec. Hunter education programs, in- cluding construction and opera- tion of public shooting ranges, arc also funded.

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Claims must bo bothVre- sonlod to Iho undorslgnod at tho addross indicolod, and filed with tho Clork of tho Court. Projoct spoclflca- tlons aro avallablo at Iho. The activities will help children understand what to expect during hospital stays.


Is curromjy accepting sip-plications for an attendant position at thoir visitor ‘ corter. Yours was one of, thc.

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It was ‘ only about 10 inches across at that point. Insfaling a sprinkler system? Christophe Auguin of France is the overall leader in the four-stage. For mon hfomotioi coo.

Worit both front and back of body. His co-worker, Lisa Paladirii, a Burley native, started eight months later. That matched New Mexico State’s lowest output for a half this season and left the Aggies facing their largest half- time deficit this year.

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Dennis Davis and Dr. Three ships have searched the area, about 1. But that may not be true for others involvedin the negotiations. Some callers said they believe most of the kids shown on screen were from out 833333 town, engaged in a and one objected to the businesses along Blue fairly graphic Lakes being recognizable. Cindy Moyle, National Committee woman, will be the featured speaker.

Two nights carter, he led Marquette past St. Wc had ohen heard of a fascinating, fern-filled grotto called Tea Kettle Cave. A board meeting will begin at 1 1 a.


A X 2. The spine should remain still and in a natural position. Experience is helpful, but not essential, for a paddling expedition to Chile.

Smets, for ihslancc, broke his neck three years ago and absorbed a horn in the spine in Coll Ings or hiring. It addition to its natural defenses, the Bio Dio River is isolated by bonc-jarring din roads, military check points and signs in Spanish that proclaim: Grccnough said in a gathering like this, he can do more than moke sure the students arc riding proper- ly. They head for Chile, where the paddling is hot in January. Pisaso call for an ap- pointment ask or Randy I was happy for myself and I also was extremely happy for them.

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